Office Desktop Cloud

Revolutionize the way you manage your network and computers by moving your office to the cloud! Using hosted virtual desktops, your office gains all the virtualization benefits of cloud computing while simultaneously cutting the costs of managing IT.

Hosted virtual desktops allow you to run your applications, store your files and save your settings securely in your office in the cloud. All of your data is safe and secure in our private company-owned, ultra redundant data center. Hosted virtual desktops in your private office cloud, allow users to access their files from any computer or device with an Internet connection. You can even access your desktop and all of your files from an iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Gone are the days of buying expensive computer hardware to future proof your IT investment with hosted virtual desktops for your office cloud. Using Cloud My Office you only pay for what you need. We provide you true elastic cloud computing resources for your office. When new employees start, you can quickly provision them space in your cloud from our easy to use web management interface. You can even control application and network share drive permissions!

We know that, for many businesses, one-size-fits-all office clouds are not an ideal solution. Your business has specific data needs, and your office cloud should address them. If you have specific security requirements, software applications or storage capacity needs, we can help. At Cloud My Office, your office cloud is completely customizable. Our engineers are standing by to help you configure your office cloud and hosted virtual desktops to get your business up and running immediately.